September 27, 2019


As part of our 2019 New Year, New You campaign we decided to find a pair of businesses that were in the plans of launching a rebranded or redesigned product, Coffee Box in El Paso was one of them, and we thought it was the perfect fit.

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Demonstrating the brand new designed "To Go" sealed coffee

Coffee Box is a local coffee shop based in El Paso, Texas, but it is not your typical establishment. It was customly designed in two large containers and that is where it operates, from the heart of Downtown. It has been an iconic coffee shop for the past couple of years ever since its’ opening and it was an honor being able to help them fulfill their vision with the new products they wanted to launch – coffee in any way, to go. #CoffeeYourWay


We met with the Coffee Box team a couple of times before beginning the project, to fully understand their vision and concept of what they were trying to achieve.They wanted to design coffee cups and coffee bags with a whole new image. Something that made you feel great about taking it home.

After wrapping up the design aspect we began planning a Social Media campaign in which couples had to submit their love stories for a chance to be featured in the brand new pieces of Advertisement that were to be produced to announce the campaign. We had dozens of entries and finally chose one lucky couple. The helped us in starring in a series of two videos, one for the home product and one for the product to go.

We went through several versions and adjustments before deciding on the final designs that you see on this page. The #CoffeeYourWay campaign was a big success for Coffee Box and allowed them to really push their revolutionary sealed yet fully personalized coffee cans.

Overall the campaigns reached tens of thousands of impressions targetted locally, and now Coffee Box finds its’ products to be in the homes of customers like never before.

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