June 28, 2019

Thrive-ing the industry

Thrive Music has been around for over 20 years now and was founded by electronic music trailblazer Ricardo Vinas, as a joint venture with Sire/Warner Bros. Being home and kickstarters to many of electronic music’s most influential artists they need to make sure they have the edge on today’s most advanced technology.

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Create a customized blog solution for Thrive's new project

The team over at Thrive Music came over to us and asked us to make a brand new revamped website for them. The challenge was well present since the beginning as they didn’t want just another ordinary website format and functionality, they wanted to incorporate a new style of functionality that is currently used by some of the leading news sources around the world.

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Thrive Music is a uniquely designed and developed music news site unlike no other.


After countless hours of meeting and back-end development research the project was concluded, and ThiveMusic.com was launched. Adapting a new technology for blog news style site. Being pioneers and having the name that they do in the music industry they had to keep that reputation alive, hence they are the only music news site with such technology that was implemented by our own team of designers and developers.

Tens of thousands of people have now visited the site and continue to visit almost every day to keep up with today’s name and following the credibility has created for themselves.

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