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July 12, 2019

Re imagining the Jardin

Jardin has been an advocate for near homeless and homeless children for over 25 years now in the Las Cruces, New Mexico community, this is where we were able to help them in revamping their image and digital presence.

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    Jardin De Los Niños


Give Jardin a revamp to their image and create a professional website.

Jardin has been an advocate for near homeless and homeless children for over 25 years now in the Las Cruces, New Mexico community. Ever since, community leaders worked together continuously. When the center first opened, only two classrooms were provided – one for preschoolers and one for infants and toddlers.

Repeatedly these providers expressed the need of young homeless families for immediate, safe childcare for their young children. Winning several awards from different notorious organizations and foundations, Jardin aims to keep striving as one of only 5 near homeless shelters in the nation. A rebrand was reimagined and presented by our Agency in 2019 with Jardin adopting a new logo, identity and website.

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We built a multi responsive site so that the size of the screen or device wouldn't matter when people visiting the Jardin would have a great user experience. play_circle_outlineVisit Site


A logo should be a simple shape, yet unique and recognizable. The goal of this logo is to communicate the companies core values and personality. Jardin de los Niños is all about unity, joy, and helping children and their families flourish.My approach to this logo was to be able to find a way to represent the kids and what this organization is all about. As I was sketching I wanted to find a way to be able to represent the idea of growth and new beginnings for these children, families, and faculty.

So I came across the idea of combining a flower with the sun and its rays. The flowers represent the children in their journey of growth and happiness through
Jardin. Yet, I also wanted to keep the aesthetic of the logo fun, friendly and approachable as Jardin received everyone with open arms. The color scheme was inspired by the New Mexico colors, sunsets, and colors I saw inside the facility.

  • Ricky, Graphic Designer @ PRDGL Creative

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